VBA-Tanker 2023



The English database “VBA-Tanker” currently contains 4,000 VBA solutions with demo files for Excel and comprehensive VBA topics. Using sophisticated search functions and a professional interface, the desired procedure can be found in seconds and a demo file downloaded. The contents of the database come primarily directly from our projects, books, articles and lectures. They were therefore tried and tested solutions and code snippets.

The delivery of the software, with the licensed duration of one year, takes place via a download. You will receive the download address within 12 hours after your order.

After the end of the year, the software can of course continue to be used without a follow-up booking, but in this case the update function is no longer available to you. There is neither a subscription nor an automatic renewal. You will be informed in good time before your update period expires. If you still want an automatic renewal, please let me know.

The VBA tanker can be installed on 2 computers (e.g. at work and at home).

Last update: 01/17/2023


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