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The “VBA tanker” does not require installation and can easily be taken with you on a USB stick and used anywhere. If required, the database can be synchronized with the database stored on the Internet daily or at any time . Sample files for free download are also available on the Internet. 

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ID Title, 07/11/2019
1 How to color chartobject columns by value
2 How to scale chartobject by max-value+10%
3 How to select all shapes in sheet
4 How to move charts to new sheet
5 How to move chartobject to new sheet
6 How to determine new position of chartobject and resize it
7 How to determine new position of chartobject
8 How to read all values from chart --> Sheet2
9 How to apply data labels from row 2
10 How to insert custom chart label
11 How to hide and show chartobject
12 How to remove all chartobjects in sheets
13 How to remove all charts in workbook
14 How to insert chartobject in Sheet1
15 How to create chart based on current region of cell B2
16 How to create chart based on namend range
17 How to create chart and show title
18 How to set your own format style (Arial, fontsize 25)
19 How to set your own format style based on a formatted cell
20 How to delete all custom format
21 How to search for a custom list
22 How to create custom list from Array
23 How to create custom list from sheet1
24 How to delete all custom list in application
25 How to delete all comments in workbook
26 How to delete all shapes in workbook
27 How to search text in whole workbook
28 How to list and link all files in folder
29 How to update all external links to other workbooks
30 How to kill all external links in workbook (freeze links to values)
31 How to kill external links in sheet1
32 How to kill all links to other workbooks
33 How to search for special link in workbook
34 How to list links to other workbooks in VBE
35 How to list links to other workbooks in sheet
36 How to get info about actual file
37 How to set own document property "Waranty"
38 How to get creation date & last update
39 How to list all document properties
40 How to print all sheets in workbook (only page 1)
41 How to print whole workbook
42 How to add Workbooks based on Column "A" in sheet1
43 How to add new workbook with one sheet
44 How to close and save active workbook after 2 minutes
45 How to close all open workbooks up to the actual workbook
46 How to close and save workbook with last access documentation
47 How to show dialog File open
48 How to open latest file in a folder
49 How to list all open workbooks in a new sheet
50 How to customize recent files list to 8 entries
51 How to save actual workbook as date & time stamp
52 How to save all Sheets in individual text files
53 How to determine path of workbook
54 How to create folder …\Backup
55 How to insert/remove picure to background of sheet
56 How to display dialog to insert picture in sheet
57 How to insert picture in all sheets in cell B10
58 How to insert picture and duplicate it
59 How to create table with links to sheets
60 How to activate sheet by sheet (all 2 seconds)
61 How to uncolor all tabs
62 How to color all tabs of a workbook
63 How to show/hide worksheet tabs
64 How to copy all data of sheets in one sheet
65 How to write Sheet to text file
66 How to copy activesheet at the end of workbook with time stamp
67 How to check, if Sheet2 exist
68 How to sort sheets by name
69 How to determine selected sheets
70 How to copy active sheet to another workbook
71 How to copy Sheet1 to new workbook (only values)
72 How to move Sheet1 to the end
73 How to export selected sheets in new workbooks
74 How to name worksheets (both names sheets)
75 How to determine page numbers
76 How to set printarea to current region of cell D7
77 How to set printarea to used range
78 How to set printarea to range
79 How to insert footer with 3 rows (creation date, last update and author)
80 How to insert footer with document properties (company and author) and a logo
81 How to insert footer with document properties (company and author)
82 How to insert header with formatted date
83 How to insert footer with Path/ Name of workbook and username
84 How to hide all sheets with exception of activeSheet
85 How to show all hidden sheets
86 How to hide / show Sheet1 (very hidden)
87 How to hide / show Sheet1
88 How to protect Sheet1, allow AutoFilter and outline
89 How to protect Sheet1, allow AutoFilter
90 How to protect all formulas in active sheet
91 How to clear all not locked cells
92 How to protect sheet, allowa few things
93 How to activate previous sheet / Activate next sheet
94 How to delete all sheets up to Sheet1
95 How to delete active sheet without query
96 How to name sheets with date and username
97 How to name sheets with date
98 How to group sheets after Sheet1
99 How to group Sheet1 and Sheet3
100 How to color several ranges
101 How to fill Cells In Intersection
102 How to fill different cells
103 How to combine Selection
104 How to set link to other sheet
105 How to check if cell A1 is empty
106 How to get data from internet
107 How to determine used cells in active row
108 How to set reference to other cell
109 How to select all/used cells in sheet
110 How to check if active cell is in Area A1:D10
111 How to format font (Selection)
112 How to clear contents with red font
113 How to color first tree characters
114 How to transfer format from Range to range
115 How to insert special character in cell
116 How to write chemical formula
117 How to format border around cells
118 How to transfer border format only
119 How to set numberformat for columns
120 How to write a formatted date
121 How to clear all formats in range
122 How to transfer only format from one range to another range
123 How to insert conditional format
124 How to insert random numbers as matrix formula
125 How to change cell color in whole sheet
126 How to use formula and write it as value
127 How to use formula CountIf in macro
128 How to use formula SumIf and write it as value
129 How to use formula Vlookup and write it as value
130 How to find smallest values in a sheet
131 How to find largest values in a sheet
132 How to calculate average from the 5 largest numbers
133 How to round numbers
134 How to list all colorindex in a sheet
135 How to convert all formulas to absolute/relative
136 How to look for special characters in cell
137 How to remove all blanks in cells
138 How to remove special characters out of cells
139 How to replace special character to another character
140 How to cut text to 3 characters
141 How to extract first two and last two characters
142 How to remove last character from selected cells
143 How to fill leading zeros to selected cells
144 How to clear all values, keep formulas
145 How to remove numbers from selected cells
146 How to remove alphanumeric characters from selected cells
147 How to remove empty cells in Selection
148 How to clear all numbers, not date, not formula and not text
149 How to extract name of workbook from path
150 How to change position of names
151 How to select all cells with validation
152 How to insert validation rule (numbers from 1 to 100)
153 How to insert validation rule (date)
154 How to insert validation rule (Date without sundays)
155 How to clear all validation rule in sheet
156 How to use inputbox to write a comment
157 How to update an existing comment
158 How to select all comments in sheet
159 How to clear all comments in sheet
160 How to list comments (Two examples)
161 How to put cell value to comment
162 How to format all comments in sheet
163 How to format all comments in this workbook
164 How to use AutoSize function for all comments in sheet
165 How to count words in selected cells
166 How to find first empty cell in range
167 How to insert shape and fill it
168 How to manage position of inserted shape
169 How to list all shapes in sheet
170 How to check, if a shape is in range?
171 How to count all cells with negative values
172 How to select several rows/columns
173 How to select columns A to C
174 How to determine kind of selection
175 How to count filled cells in range
176 How to define Columnwidth for Column A to E
177 How to define Rowheight für rows 1-4
178 How to use AutoFit for columns
179 How to insert Columns and Rows
180 How to insert cells and shift selection
181 How to insert row before cell with "sum:"
182 How to search for "sum" and insert new row after..
183 How to delete rows and columns
184 How to delete numeric rows with incorrect lenght
185 How to delete rows in selection with zero or blank
186 How to delete really empty rows
187 How to delete rows if date in Column A < B1
188 How to delete all hidden rows
189 How to hide/show empty rows
190 How to hide rows with indentLevel=1
191 How to delete rows with double numbers
192 How to delete rows by doubleclick
193 How to clear data without titles
194 How to find cell with actual date
195 How to color every second row in selection
196 How to color every second column in selection
197 How to sort data by nr and amount
198 How to write every third value to column B
199 How to compare two columns and write the higher value to Column C
200 How to color all weekends in columns
201 How to wrap text in Selection
202 How to print title rows/columns
203 How to search for name in Column
204 How to activate AutoFilter
205 How to reset AutoFilter
206 How to reset AutoFilter (all sheets)
207 How to apply Autofilter value<100
208 How to apply Autofilter between 50 and 100
209 How to apply Autofilter between 50 and 100 (criteria based an cell)
210 How to use AutoFilter with date
211 How to determine the filtered columns
212 How to count filtered rows
213 How to determine max-value in filtered column B
214 How to determine first filtered row
215 How to determine last filtered row
216 How to use advanced filter to get list with no duplicates
217 How to save conditional rows in text file
218 How to copy usedrange to Sheet2
219 How to transfer usedrange of Sheet1 to Sheet2 without copy
220 How to write cells and cut them
221 How to get new prices from Sheet2
222 How to find min and max values in a range
223 How to insert header with username, creation date, actual date and name/path of file
224 How to protect all sheets in file (allow formatting cells)
225 How to convert data (force Excel to recognize values
226 How to convert data (Minus wrong position)
227 How to convert data (date in uniform format)
228 How to convert data (insert leading zero)
229 How to convert data (Change number to name)
230 How to insert new worksheet at the beginning/at the end of workbook
231 How to format chart legend
232 How to insert textfield in chartobject
233 How to create pivot-Table
234 How to refresh Pivot-Table
235 How to refresh all Pivot-Tables in Sheet2
236 How to refresh all Pivot-Tables in active workbook
237 How to expand range of Pivottable and refresh all Pivottables in Sheet2
238 How to expand range of Pivottable and refresh all Pivottables in Sheet2
239 How to sort Pivot-Table by name (Desc)
240 How to format Pivot-Table
241 How to read actual page-field of a pivot table
242 How to set page field to "all"
243 How to set page field to cell H1
244 How to get name/pathname of workbook
245 How to move custom functions to own category
246 How to check if a sheet is empty
247 How to check protection mode of sheets
248 How to check if a column is empty
249 How to convert numbers to text
250 How to check if a cell has a formula
251 How to check if a cell contains validation rule
252 How to check if a cell has a comment
253 How to check, if a range has merged cells
254 How to remove zeros out of cells
255 How to make initials from names
256 How to write formula text
257 How to count bold cells
258 How to sum colored cells
259 How to count colored cells
260 How to calculate time in minutes
261 How to calculate minutes in hours
262 How to check, if a cell contains a Hyperlink
263 How to round a number to 05 cent
264 How to get numberformat from cell
265 How to calculate miles per hour
266 How to count numbers in a string
267 How to convert roman characters in arabic characters
268 How to determine number of files in folder
269 How to check existence of a file
270 How to check if a workbook is open
271 How to get document properties from a closed file
272 How to determine, if a day is a workday
273 How to get last day of month
274 How to create a scrollArea
275 How to define window-settings
276 How to close and save a workbook
277 How to write last change during saving a workbook
278 How to sort data before saving a workbook
279 How to print a worksheet
280 How to insert a worksheet
281 How to count every printout in cell A1
282 How to prevent a user to activate a worksheet
283 How to start calculating a worksheet after activating sheet
284 How to play battleship
285 How to compare two columns
286 How to deal with changes in a certain range
287 How to color changes in a certain range automatically
288 How to use function AutoFit
289 How to monitore cells
290 How to check if an input is in a given range
291 How to react on an input in cell A1
292 How to set cursor after input
293 How to mirror input from ione sheet to another
294 How to color a cell after input
295 How to keep old value after an input
296 How to prevent double inputs in Column A
297 How to enlarge font size of active cell
298 How to select single cell --> selection whole row
299 How to prevent selecting a certain cell
300 How to cancel input in a given cell
301 How to disable right click in a given range
302 How to increment cell value after double click
303 How to show MsgBox after PivotTabel update
304 How to wrap text in a cell
305 How to insert text in cell with multiline
306 How to activate/deactivate context menu in worksheet tab
307 How to make a countdown
308 How to close all open workbooks and close excel
309 How to play sound in Excel
310 How to create flashing cell in Excel
311 How to integrate a reference in VBE
312 How to activate Visual basic for Application Extensiblity library
313 "How to list library info in immediate window"
314 How to call VBE window
315 How to disable shortcut Alt+F11 to get to the VBE
316 How to add/delete (new) module in VBE
317 How to delete a procedure
318 How to delete alle procedures in a workbook
319 How to import procedure from text file
320 How to export a module in a text file
321 How wor copy a modle into a new workbook
322 How to list all vbcomponentes in immediate window
323 How to determine excel version
324 How to use MsgBox as query before clearing cells
325 How to show flash screen during opening workbook
326 How to use InputBox to select a range
327 How to show/close an userform
328 How to show userform (modeless) and close userform
329 How to show userform (modeless) and close userform
330 How to show userform (modeless) and close userform
331 How to check, if input in TextBox1 is a numeric value
332 How to check, if input in TextBox1 is a date
333 How to check, if input in TextBox1 is a numeric value
334 How to hide/show TextBox by click to checkbox
335 How to enter password in textbox
336 How to show userform with random colors
337 How to fill a listbox with name of sheets
338 How to add entries to a listbox and react to click
339 How to select last/first entry in a listbox
340 How to use ToggleButton to select all entries in a listbox
341 How to get entries for the listbox from Sheet1
342 How to fill a listbox with several columns
343 How to add month names in a combobox
344 How to use property "RowSource" to link entries in sheet1
345 How to force user to select only definded names in a combobox
346 How to combine SpinButton with TextBox
347 How to create your own progressBar
348 How to start userform by doubleclick in column A
349 How to insert button in every sheet
350 How to insert button (with picture)
351 How to try to cklick a button (-;
352 How to show/hide gridlines
353 How to show/hide a shape
354 How to insert a shape by condition
355 How to reset all ToggleButtons in a sheet
356 How to fill TextBoxes in a sheet
357 How to put text from cell to TextBox
358 How to fill several textboxes from cells
359 How to Connect Combobox with range
360 How to fill comboBox with named range
361 How to sort combobox by name
362 How to fill combobox with ordered entries
363 How to insert combobox at runtime
364 How to assign cell to checkbox caption
365 How to label checkboxes from cells
366 How to check if a worksheet is protected
367 How to count all hyperlinks in a sheet
368 How to enable contextmenu
369 How to clean cells from not printable
370 How to create your own cell contextmenu
371 How to transfer excel cells to new word document
372 How to list all procedures to a new word-Document
373 How to send E-Mail with attachments from a folder
374 How to transfer contacts to outlook
375 How to import contacts from outlook
376 How to determine / reset printarea
377 How to create a unique list
378 How to find and color external links to other workbooks
379 How to calculate difference between actual day to day in past
380 How to disable drag&drop
381 How to rename image-files in a folder
382 How to list all files in folder
383 How to create desktop link to this workbook
384 How to change External links to values
385 How to use scrollbars (yellow cell goes to left, upper corner
386 How to insert textfile as object
387 How to label windows caption
388 How to insert comboboxes and link to data
389 How to undo all input in a column
390 How to display gridlines in every sheet
391 How to align chartobject to cell
392 How to fill an array with weekdays
393 How to declare a fixed Array, fill it and use loop to go throught it
394 How to label axes of chartobject
395 How to modify chart style
396 How to comment a named range
397 How to copy Excel range to Powerpoint slide
398 How to print several sheets at once
399 How to check, i a workbook is a AddIn
400 How to delete all named ranges in workbook
401 How to hide/show names in Excel
402 How to check if a named range is in selection
403 How to create a dynamic named range
404 How to set name based on a given area
405 How to check if a named range is in a workbook
406 How to write a value in a named range
407 How to add name based on a title
408 How to format dates of last weeks
409 How to insert autoshapes in a worksheet
410 How to insert shape with text effect
411 How to insert textbox in sheet
412 How to use method pastespecial
413 How to check reference style
414 How to search for a unique number in column
415 How to find a unique number in a range
416 How to find multiple numbers in a range
417 How to detect max value(s) in a range
418 How to find zeros in a range
419 How to count all files/only excel files in a folder
420 How to write Sheet in Array and export to text file "Output.txt"
421 How to color cells after input automatically
422 How to enter same comment in all selected cells
423 How to update existing comments
424 How to format all comments in a worksheet
425 How to format all comments in a workbook
426 How to delete comments in a worksheet
427 How to delete all comments in workbook
428 How to remove all comments from person XXX in active workbook
429 How to show dialog open
430 How to use shortcuts in an userform
431 How to open empty E-Mail after cklick to image control in userform
432 How to show windows info screen with additional text
433 How to start a not movable userform
434 How to prevent closing userform by clicking red cross icon
435 How to set focus on the first textbox in userform
436 How to align all text in textboxes to the right
437 How to write actucal date to textbox1 and select input
438 How to color active textbox and take color away by leaving textbox
439 How to get to the internet by clicking a label
440 How to use AutoFill function for textbox
441 How to determine position of a shape
442 How to determine width and height of all shapes in sheet (outout to immediate window)
443 How to increase/decrease all shapes in sheet
444 How to insert shape and identify it
445 How to insert autoform after input of a number greater 100
446 How to insert a workbook event by vba macro
447 How to change text in Macro via other macro
448 How to read macro and output to MsgBox
449 How to display full screen
450 How to display workbook tabs ON/OFF
451 How to display headings
452 How to display gridines
453 How to list all environ variables in sheet
454 How to add chart and link data
455 How to add chartobject to sheet and link to data
456 How to Show extreme values in chartobject
457 How to add tiny charts to sheet
458 How to add your own sparkline to sheet
459 How to hide double numbers in column A
460 How to hide duplicate data in Column A and output to Column H
461 How to show all hidden data
462 How to create userform during runtime of macro
463 How to get drive of actual workbook
464 How to add new folder to users desktop
465 How to get for the filename of the actual file without extension
466 How to check existence of drive, folder and file
467 How to rename several files
468 How to determine Office installation folder
469 How to determine default file path to save workbooks
470 How to determine startup Folder of excel
471 How to determine alternativie startup Folder of excel
472 How to set overwrite alerts (Drag & Drop)
473 How to set link alert on/off
474 How to add entry to AutoCorrection
475 How to list all autocorrect entries
476 How to set hyperlink formatting on/off
477 How to set calculation in Excel on/off
478 How to determine which button is clicked
479 How to empty clipboard after copy
480 How to get/set country settings
481 How to get/set default save format
482 How to show comment indicator
483 How to display/hide statusbar
484 How to display/hide formula bar
485 How to list recent files in sheet1
486 How to clear recent files list
487 How to get recent files list (pathname + filename)
488 How to set "Edit directly in cell"
489 How to enable/disable AutoComplete
490 How to get actual size of window
491 How to set cursor move after return
492 How to get name and nr of the window version
493 How to get/set standard font name and font size
494 How to save actual workbook and quit Excel
495 How to set standard Chart Type
496 How to interrupt a macro for a few seconds
497 How to create a custom list
498 How to get AutoRecovery settings
499 How to check, if vba project has a vba sign
500 How to call a internet site
501 How to close active workbook without saving
502 How to save actual workbook with date and time stamp
503 How to export all comments from Sheet1 in textfile "comments.txt"
504 How to check the existence pf "Personal.xlsb"
505 How to write last saved time in cell A1
506 How to change first color of color palette
507 How to switch on calculation before saving this file
508 How to check if active workbook is opened "read only"
509 How to clear all Headers and footers in every sheet
510 How to copy workbook onto desktop
511 How to delete a file
512 How to format textbox by leaving textbox
513 How to take range A1:G1, transpose it and assign to ListBox
514 How to enter only numeric digits in TextBox
515 How to define a multiline TextBox
516 How to color all labels in a Userform
517 How to change font and size for all labels in a Userform
518 How to synchronize two Textboxes in a userform
519 How to identify selected items in ListBox
520 How to insert picture with help of a dialog
521 How to navigate to first page of Multipage and write TextBoxes in pages
522 How to navigate to first page of Multipage and write TextBoxes in pages
523 How to get caption of labels from a sheet
524 How to link a TextBox with a listBox (show selected entry from Listbox in Textbox)
525 How to open all selected workbooks in dialog
526 How to start Internet explorer by click a button in a userform
527 How to accept only numeric digits in a TextBox
528 How to use a checkBox to Hide / show Textboxes in a userform
529 How to use a checkBox to enlarge / shrink the Height of a userform
530 How to show listbox in a userform with column headers
531 How to close a userform in 3 seconds after cklick a button
532 How to respond on right or left mouse click in a listbox
533 How to show last date / amount in sheet to textboxes of a userform
534 How to play music during start of an userform
535 How to convert input in a range to upper case characters
536 How to to get the character "X" after doubleclick in column A
537 How to color cell after doubleclick
538 How to protect entries in Column A without sheet protection
539 How to protect titles in a worksheet
540 How to synchronize changes in Range A1:A10
541 How to prevent cutting cells
542 How to cancel printing with an event
543 How to list all changes in one sheet
544 How to remove all worksheet events from sheet1
545 How to fullsize window after open this file
546 How to color active row
547 How to react on input in first column
548 How to send an E-Mail with API-Function
549 How to get windows folder name
550 How to get windows system folder
551 How to determine the application of a file
552 How to show folder dialog (API)
553 How to determine drive type (API)
554 How to get width and Height from Screen (API)
555 How to get free disk space (API)
556 How to get username (API)
557 How to set actual folder (API)
558 How to get actual cursor position
559 How to take a break for a few seconds (API)
560 How to open and close CDROM drive (API)
561 How to play a sound (API)
562 How to clear clipboard (API)
563 How to get computername (API)
564 How to convert a text to upper or lower letters (API)
565 How to get system date and time (API)
566 How to get status of an application (API)
567 How to read filter criteria
568 How to create directory (API)
569 How to play track on CD (API)
570 How to convert values with decimals in int numbers (cutting)
571 How to use function to get the quarter of a date
572 How to use function to get weekday of a date
573 How to check, if the actual day is even or odd
574 How to use worksheetfunction VLOOKUP (value)
575 How to use worksheetfunction VLOOKUP (as formula)
576 How to show important subtotals
577 How to count how often a given character is in a range
578 How to shorten a long pathname (API)
579 How to check if a range is empty
580 How to insert copyright sign
581 How to get your standard printer
582 How to start PowerPoint with one command
583 How to start Outlook with one command
584 How to list all files in folder
585 How to insert button and link to macro
586 How to delete last inserted chartobject
587 How to export chartobject as GIF
588 How to export chart as GIF
589 How to call windows char map
590 How to read chart formula
591 How to insert rectangle and adjust to given range
592 How to insert line and format it
593 How to copy a file from on folder to another folder
594 How to measure duration of macro
595 How to format plotarea of chartobject
596 How to format lines in Chartobject
597 How to generate random letter
598 How to freeze window
599 How to freeze chartobjects formulas
600 How to start windows notepad.exe
601 How to insert desktop shortcut with link to folder
602 How to start windows explorer
603 How to start word with new document
604 How to show PDF file in internet explorer
605 How to List structure of folders
606 How to get actual folder
607 How to get codes with function Chr
608 How to start PowerPoint, insert new presenation and slide
609 How to get the alphabet in Sheet1
610 How to delete columns C:E
611 How to determine last column in selection
612 How to determine first column in selection
613 How to clear blanks in every used cell in Column A
614 How to find actual date in Column A
615 How to fill formulas from row 2 to to down
616 How to set numberformat Columns A:C
617 How to hide every second column
618 How to allow only numbers in column A
619 How to delete all Hyperlinks in active sheet
620 How to create a table of contents with all sheets from active workbook
621 How to list all comments in sheets
622 How to refresh all QueryTables in Sheet
623 How to identify sheet by Property Type
624 How to get codename of worksheet "Start"
625 How to copy sheet at the end of the workbook
626 How to copy sheet to new workbook
627 How to call printPreview
628 How to insert/remove subtotals
629 How to print sheet directly or after printpreview
630 How to print sheet with gridlines
631 How to fill listbox without duplicates
632 How to delete all buttons in sheet
633 How to check existence of pivottables in active sheet
634 How to deactivate all togglebuttons in a sheet
635 How to fill combobox with all visible sheets
636 How to clear combobox in a worksheet
637 How to insert Textbox without border
638 How to set printtitle rows for all sheets
639 How to set zoom in all sheets to 80%
640 How to insert header with a line
641 How to format selection of cells with font properties
642 How to color first three characters for each cell in selection
643 How to insert symbol to active cell
644 How to write chemical formulas
645 How to insert smiley and link to macro
646 How to set important print settings
647 How to format font in whole sheet
648 How to write footer with smaller font size
649 How to show / hide all buttons in a sheet
650 How to show / hide all commandButtons in a sheet
651 How to insert sheets for the next 14 days
652 How to move a sheet to another position
653 How to show / hide all Textboxes in sheet
654 How to determine names and postions of all comboboxes in sheet
655 How to get name of shapes
656 How to make a copy of workbbooks without formulas
657 How to insert shapes and adjust them
658 How to write all formulas in textfile
659 How to insert Chart and hide region south
660 How to set papersize of sheet (A4)
661 How to format sheet as checkered block
662 How to format sheet as lined block
663 How to print only odd pages of a sheet
664 How to print a module
665 How to delete module via macro
666 How to change codename of sheet
667 How to delete a userform from workbook
668 How to find latest date in range
669 How to find earliest date in range
670 How to get sum of selected cells
671 How to transfer only numberformat to another column
672 How to insert formatted date in activecell
673 How to find all cells with SUM formula
674 How to fill array and transpose
675 How to color first two digits of every cell in selection
676 How to insert hyperlink to cell
677 How to set Quotation marks to cell text
678 How to set Borders (Top) to selected cells
679 How to find part of text in cell and color it
680 How to align text of selected cells vertically and horizontally
681 How to set text in higher/deeper position of all selected cells
682 How to reverse text in cells
683 How to fill cell with lenght < 10 with stars
684 How to add a validation list to selected cells
685 How to add a validation list to selected cells with reference to a range
686 How to add a validation list to selected cells with named range
687 How to determine first/last character of a cell
688 How to format every second character in selected cells
689 How to convert a number to text
690 How to calculate appointment (date + 3 month)
691 How to calculate calendar week of actual date
692 How to calculate differerence between two dates
693 How to convert date with function DateValue
694 How to extract parts of a date (day, month, year)
695 How to get last saved time of file
696 How to format a date with function FormatDateTime
697 How to extract monthname from actual date
698 How to determine quarter and weekday from actual date
699 How to remove letters out of a string
700 How to list characters of chr function in immediate window
701 How to add Address to an array, manipulate array and write it to immediate window
702 How to replace a character with another character
703 How to loop through a string character for character
704 How to remove blanks left and right from a string
705 How to list all files in a folder (with creation date of file)
706 How to read a text file row for row until end of file
707 How to read the first 10 characters out of a textfile
708 How to start notepad and open a textfile
709 How to determine the absulte value of a number (remove minus)
710 How to remove decimal numbers by cutting
711 How to show print dialog with arguments
712 How to get color from palette
713 How to show dialog open with default path
714 How to show dialog open with file and password
715 How to show dialog saveas with filename and actual date
716 How to get dialog SaveAs and evaluate name of workbook
717 How to get function wizard with sum formula
718 How to get available printers
719 How to show dialog Find with settings
720 How to color columns with weekend
721 How to get link address behind shapes
722 How to prevent Sheet1 from moving to an other position
723 How to prevent entering a range
724 How to get file- and pathname of actual file
725 How to search for characters strings in cells
726 How to set row height for selected cells
727 How to set zoom to selected cells
728 How to set alignment of textbox
729 How to set scrollArea to usedrange
730 How to set PrintArea to usedrange
731 How to search in several ranges
732 How to border a range with individual settings
733 How to get a text from an array
734 How to insert Spinbutton in sheet and link to cell
735 How to insert label in to sheet and label it
736 How to check if Shift is pressed (API)
737 How to get procedure names into sheet
738 How to insert word document as icon
739 How to get file attribute (read only or not)
740 How to create a PDF from a sheet
741 How to insert combobox with doubleclick in any cell
742 How to add a dropdown to selected cell
743 How to clear contents, formats, comments and clear all
744 How to use conditional formatting to color duplicate numbers
745 How to get a list with all days of actual month
746 How to add TextBox to userform a runtime of macro
747 How to create random data
748 How to insert random numbers to selected cells
749 How to round all selected cells
750 How to sort data in active sheet
751 How to insert listobject
752 How to read ListObject
753 How to remove last row from a listObject
754 How to determine row number of active cell in listobject
755 How to determine row/column of active cell in listobject
756 How to get all listobjects of active sheet
757 How to sort a listobject by name
758 How to use data filter in Listobject
759 How to enable/disable autofilter in listobject
760 How to remove listobject
761 How to insert rows and columns to listobject
762 How to select all formulas with result=alphanumeric
763 How to select all yellow cells in worksheet
764 How to select all formulas in sheet with result=numbers
765 How to use sumif to sum all costs of a product-number
766 How to freeze all formulas in sheet into values
767 How to clear contents of several areas in sheet
768 How to check the existence of sheet by codename
769 How to check the existence of sheet by normal name
770 How to choose folder with shell object
771 How to choose folder with filedialog folderpicker
772 How to split text based on a separator in an array
773 How to split text based on a separator in an array and convert text
774 How to compare two strings with function StrComp
775 How to delete file on request
776 How to insert picture and delete after 3 seconds
777 How to close file after a few seconds
778 How to sum colored cells by colorindex
779 How to check if active cell is in range A1:D10
780 How to check if Microsoft Word is open
781 How to check if an access database is open
782 How to check if Microsoft PowerPoint is opened
783 How to determine days of a month
784 How to create unique list with 3 sheets
785 How to count carriage return in active cell
786 How to save new workbook with macros
787 How to use SaveAs Dialog with object FileDialog
788 How to send eMail with signature and attachment
789 How to delete lines from textfile and export to another textfile
790 How to export a chart
791 How to start checkspelling function after right click to cell
792 How to transfer rows from one textfile to another textfile
793 How to transfer all modules in a new workbook
794 How to remove macros and userforms out of a workbook
795 How to import/export a module
796 How to remove modul from VBE
797 How to use event Textbox1_Change to respond to input
798 How to show a picture based on Cell A1
799 How to start a macro after click in cell A1
800 How to show userform maximized (API)
801 How to use conditional formatting with font "wingdings"
802 How to delete all validation rules in sheet
803 How to delete only validation rules with dropdowns in sheet
804 How to complete a leading zero to textbox
805 How to set autofilter mode
806 How to get label caption for labels in userform from a sheet
807 How to refresh numbering column A after enter name
808 How to add sheet and rename codename of sheet
809 How to minimize window when userform starts
810 How to get position of controls in userform from sheet
811 How to get info, if actual year is a leap year
812 How to close workbook if 30 sec. nothing happens
813 How to delete columns with certain title
814 How to hide columns with certain title
815 How to set pagebreaks
816 How to delete all pagebreaks in a sheet
817 How to set print area with named cells
818 How to prevent user form printing a sheet
819 How to use event BeforeSave to prevent user to save workbook
820 How to send a mail after saving workbook
821 How to control all changes in a sheet
822 How to export sheet into a new workbook
823 How to export all sheets into new workbooks
824 How to extract day and month from date
825 How to get unique list from two sheets and calculate sales
826 How to transfer checked data to another sheet
827 How to print sheet in black-and-white
828 How to check if a date has expired
829 How to use and control labels in a sheet
830 How to use advanced filter to count unique values
831 How to create pivot table with macro
832 How to export every second sheet to new workbook and save it
833 How to export only numeric named sheets in a new workbook
834 How to clear special characters from cells
835 How to documentate saving file in a hidden worksheet
836 How to use collection to create a unique list
837 How to start userform and activate first page in multipage
838 How to hide a column with toggleButton
839 How to use RGB function to color cells
840 How to export several sheets to PDF
841 How to navigate to a cell and scroll to to left upper corner
842 How to get country settings (Decimal separator / Thousands separator)
843 How to export chartobject to new PowerPoint presentation
844 How to show userform in full windows size mode
845 How to delete rows in a sheet if cell in column A is empty
846 How to delete rows in a sheet if whole row is empty
847 How to get birthday list from outlook contacts
848 How to change windows title with username and date+time
849 How to edit cell with macro despite of sheet protection
850 How to color several columns at once
851 How to use custom function to calculate date in future or past
852 How to put several textfiles together in one textfile
853 How to use an event to control all input in given area
854 How to use Autofilter with Textboxes in userform
855 How to replace a special character in a column with another character
856 How to enlarge content of validation list by entering validation cell
857 How to fill listbox and evaluate selection in listbox
858 How to use databars in conditional formatting
859 How to use conditional format "Above average"
860 How to use conditional format "ColorScale"
861 How to use conditional format "Arrows"
862 How to designate duplicates in different colors
863 How to enter only numbers (0 to 9) and Letters (A-Z, a-z) in a textbox
864 How to scroll up and down in a listbox
865 How to calculate end of month / end of year from a given date
866 How to scroll to the actual date
867 How to get register standard key
868 How to save worksheet without code
869 How to use AutoFilter in listobject with date
870 How to hide page break in all sheets of workbook
871 How to show countries and cities in a treeview control
872 How to get data from sheet to listview control
873 How to get data from sheet to listview control and evaluate selected data
874 How to use Progressbar to process data
875 How to reduce column width Column A in all sheets
876 How to delete all names with wrong ref (#REF)
877 How to hide headings in every sheet of actual workbook
878 How to clear screentips of all hyperlinks in actual workbook
879 How to show page break view for every sheet
880 How to use Inputbox to select a range
881 How to use function AutoFill to fill numbers with step=5
882 How to show dialog font with desired font as default
883 How to use method BorderAround to border an area
884 How to sort sheet by birthday of persons
885 How to find and color latest date in column A
886 How to select all cells in sheet with error in formula
887 How to check for valid date in textbox
888 How to insert copyright character in a textbox by press space bar
889 How to remove all checkboxes in sheet (OLEObjects)
890 How to remove all checkboxes in sheets (Shapes)
891 How to insert dropdown, fill it and link to cell
892 How to remove Reference to word library
893 How to show cell context menu without right click
894 How to fill a combobox in a userform with monthnames
895 How to use builtin dialog to protect worksheet
896 How to protect whole workbook
897 How to select next/previous sheet
898 How to name range and insert validation list to several sheets
899 How to sort data after input automatically
900 How to fill combobox in userform and show all entries by click
901 How to show all data in a filtered list
902 How to use API ShellExecute to write Mail or open internet
903 How to show/hide ribbon bar
904 How to open PDF file in browser
905 How to save actual sheet as PDF file
906 How to change view at sheet
907 How to remove rows in sheet if Column A is empty
908 How to get data from an access table
909 How to use Select case für identify letters from A to Z
910 How to search for text in Column and report address of cell
911 How to color a listview column with one click
912 How to combine chartobject with a listview control
913 How to Change plot order of a chartobject
914 How to format lines of a chartobject to thick lines
915 How to smooth all lines in a chartobject
916 How to add / remove markerstyle from a line chart
917 How to use special symbols as marker style in a line chart
918 How to get color for chartseries from cell C1 and D1
919 How to copy chartobject from one sheet to another sheet
920 How to insert chart title and link it to cell D1
921 How to show / hide datalabels in a chartobject
922 How to remove all comments out off a module
923 How to list all outlook mails in sheet
924 How to calculate days to year end
925 How to calculate days since year begin
926 How to put a range to an array, manipulate data and write it to sheet2
927 How to insert all picture from a folder in one sheet
928 How to protect sheet and allow select and edit only yellow cells (not locked)
929 How to color all cells in usedrange of sheet with text
930 How to sort data in sheet by color
931 How to color all merged cells in active sheet
932 How to create a cell address from two other cells
933 How to detect all error in formulas of a sheet and color them
934 How to detect all cells with leading apostroph
935 How to dispose Characters to columns
936 How to react to input in yellow cells
937 How to color all Textbox in userform and define font
938 How to remove all worksheet events from sheets
939 How to insert new sheet and name it with only one command
940 How to prevent selecting several cells at once
941 How to determine sheet name of named range
942 How to change codename of sheet
943 How to use ENUM
944 How to find unique smallest value in range
945 How to find unique greatest value in range
946 How to color all cells above average
947 How to move new worksheet at the end of workbook
948 How to move new worksheet at then begin of workbook
949 How to copy a range to every new worksheet
950 How to calculate after entering a sheet
951 How to turn calculation in all sheets on/off
952 How to prevent to insert a chart
953 How to set numerformat after inserting new worksheet
954 How to name a new worksheet automatically
955 How to insert "X" after double click with mouse in column A
956 How to start event Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick with the help of a macro
957 How to open file with help of double click to yellow cell
958 How to use the double click to start a macro
959 How to import workbook event from a textfile
960 How to insert Worksheet_Change event in all worksheets
961 How to write a cell (a few techniques)
962 How to define window size (minimized, normal, maximized)
963 How to split window on a cell
964 How to arrange windows
965 How to insert empty column before a certain column
966 How to identify selection (cell or shape?)
967 How to clear all hyperlinks in sheet
968 How to show formula Autocomplete during input
969 How to get a list of available addins
970 How to get all "AllowEditRanges" in sheet
971 How to delete all "AllowEditRanges" in sheet
972 How to add a new "AllowEditRange" in sheet
973 How to define a scrollArea with usernames
974 How to insert header with lower font size in all sheets
975 How to change backcolor and font of all comments in workbook
976 How to find last price of a product
977 How to find first price of a product
978 How to get version of excel
979 How to process all files in a folder using loop
980 How to select only certain cells in a worksheet
981 How to check if an application has been started
982 How to calculate formulas in a worksheet (calculation is off)
983 How to use AutoFill function to fill formulas down
984 How to use function AutoFill with different increment
985 How to use function AutoFill with linear trend of numbers
986 How to use function AutoFill only with formatting
987 How to color all editable cells in protected sheet
988 How to color all differences in Column A based on comparison value in cell A1
989 How to compare cell A1 with all other cells in row 1 and color all differences
990 How to use an AutoFormat for a range
991 How to get all named ranges without printarea
992 How to check if printArea is available
993 How to define print title row for all worksheets
994 How to define print title Column for all worksheets
995 How to Freeze / reset windows a certain cell
996 How to color all error values in worksheet
997 How to prevent from selecting several ranges in a sheet
998 How to calculate a date into future
999 How to insert column to listobject
1000 How to insert row to listobject
1001 How to prevent saving a file
1002 How to prvent saving file with another filename
1003 How to find key with function VlookUp
1004 How to set focus to a combobox in a userform by leaving textbox
1005 How to find formatted value in a Column
1006 How to delete all workbook events
1007 How to delete special rows with help of autofilter
1008 How to sort empty rows to the beginning of list
1009 How to create random numbers in several ranges
1010 How to add conditional formatting in a range
1011 How to use different fonts and font size
1012 How to insert new worksheet and name it
1013 How to remove file from desktop
1014 How to copy file from desktop to another folder
1015 How to check existence of file and rename it
1016 How to remove folder
1017 How to create a new folder
1018 How to write usedrange in an array
1019 How to create unique list with use of DAO
1020 How to list all sound files
1021 How to use function autofill with step 0, 5, 10, etc..
1022 How to insert a PDF file as icon
1023 How to add chart and adjust to given cell
1024 How to check Autofilter and activate it
1025 How to fill an array and write it to first row
1026 How to fill an array and write it to column A
1027 How to find an color several max values
1028 How to add several charts and link them to data
1029 How to program a progressBar with percentage of rest runtime of macro
1030 How to export sheets without formulas, shapes and named ranges
1031 How to consolidate sales for every costcenter with DAO
1032 How to format several ranges
1033 How to get all selected sheets in a workbook
1034 How to remove all columns after column H
1035 How to add a border to several ranges
1036 How to count unique values in a listobject
1037 How to call builtIn dialog "Insert hyperlink"
1038 How to remove duplicates from every column
1039 How to fill listbox with several columns dynamically
1040 How to calculate a final date with workdays
1041 How to calculate average in Array (fifth row)
1042 How to calculate average in array (first column)
1043 How to consolidate sales per month
1044 How to fill an array, transpose it and insert into other sheet
1045 How to calculate sum for every row in an array
1046 How to calculate sum of all columns in an array
1047 How to determine min value of every column in array
1048 How to consolidate sales per month and costcenter
1049 How to use advancedFilter to get special data from a list
1050 How to export data to several sheets based on a criteria
1051 How to hide/show lines in a chartObject by clicking checkboxes
1052 How to send several reporting files to different customers
1053 How to define a scrollarea after opening workbook
1054 How to protect your data with doubleClick
1055 How to sum all sales of certain product groups
1056 How to read first 10 rows if a sheet using SQL
1057 How to transfer all data of sheet to another sheet (SQL+ADO)
1058 How to use autofilter with several entries in one column
1059 How to use autofilter with several criteria
1060 How to sort a listObject based on a column
1061 How to remove first column out of listobject
1062 How to copy data from listobject to another listobject
1063 How to add conditional border to cells
1064 How to extract TOP 10 sales from a sheet
1065 How to create unique list (DAO)
1066 How to get consolidated sum of sales (DAO & ADO)
1067 How to use advanced filter in a listobject
1068 How to get unique list out of a listobject
1069 How to export an certain range to PDF
1070 How to add slicer to a listobject
1071 How to check if a cell belongs to a listobject
1072 How to check existence of a listobject in a workbook
1073 How to show/hide title in listobject
1074 How to insert sum function to listobject
1075 How to define default table style in active workbook
1076 How to put current region of cell A1 to a listobject
1077 How to read listobject (Address, Name and first column)
1078 How to get different subtotals in a listObject
1079 How to put listobject column to an array
1080 How to add listobject and name it
1081 How to resize a listobject
1082 How to add autofilter to listobject
1083 How to filter current month in a listObject
1084 How to filter listobject with icons
1085 How to filter listobject with traffic lights
1086 How to filter listobject with font color
1087 How to filter listobject with cell color
1088 How to remove result row in listobject
1089 How to determine start row in listobject
1090 How to copy column of listobject and paste only values to other sheet
1091 How to copy whole listobject to other sheet
1092 How to get address of a listobject
1093 How to get name of a listobject
1094 How to get names of all columns in a listobject
1095 How to extract month from date
1096 How to extract montname from date
1097 How to remove all data from a listobject (keep title)
1098 How to unlist all listobjects in workbook
1099 How to delete all rows out of a listobject with price lower 50
1100 How to delete active row in listobject
1101 How to name a listobject
1102 How to unlist and add a listobject
1103 How to delete listobject
1104 How to use autofilter to filter all not empty rows in listobject
1105 How to filter all empty rows in a listobject
1106 How to use advanced filter in listobject
1107 How to count filtered rows in listobject
1108 How to copy filtered rows to sheet (without title)
1109 How to show all data in a listobject
1110 How to copy filtered rows to sheet (with titles)
1111 How to get size of a listobject (rows and columns)
1112 How to fill column A of listobject with new data
1113 How to color special rows in listobject
1114 How to insert comments into a listobject
1115 How to search in a listobject
1116 How to search and replace text in a text file (FSO)
1117 How to use the filedialog to call userfriendly dialogs
1118 How to remove duplicates based in two columns
1119 How to write first column of listobject into an array
1120 How to print whole workbook
1121 How to display/hide comments in a workbook
1122 How to delete all comments in active sheet
1123 How to delete all hidden worksheets
1124 How to insert picture to comments background
1125 How to remove empty rows in selection
1126 How to remove empty columns in selection
1127 How to check if a cell has a hyperlink
1128 How to extract first word out of a cell
1129 How to store multiselect form listbox in array
1130 How to check cells for correct lenght (use autofilter)
1131 How to check cells for correct lenght (use array)
1132 How to fill sheet names to a combobox
1133 How to show/hide a named range
1134 How to add name and hide it in name manager
1135 How to add a named range
1136 How to get data from a closed excel file (with password)
1137 How to use filepicker to show dialog open file
1138 How to get data from a closed file without opening
1139 How to read data from a protected workbook (read only)
1140 How to use a matrix formula to count numbers in Column B smaller than in Column A
1141 How to import data from a closed file without opening (DAO)
1142 How to color and protect all formula in active sheet
1143 How to export active workbook as pdf and it to the Desktop
1144 How to export all tables as PDF and save them to the Desktop
1145 How to unmerge all cells of active sheet
1146 How to hide all sheets except of the active sheet
1147 How to use dialog to insert hyperlink
1148 How to find a number in column A
1149 How to export active sheet to new workbook and remove all formulas and shapes
1150 How to write textfile with username and computername (append new data)
1151 How to save last access before closing file
1152 How to react after an entry in column B
1153 How to export all data in the future to a sheet (ADO & SQL)
1154 How to export all data with given criteria to another sheet (ADO & SQL)
1155 How to hide/show columns ( 2 different ways)
1156 How to hide/show different columns
1157 How to hide/show several rows
1158 How to hide / show a range
1159 How to fill as textfield in a worksheet
1160 How to add label to chartObject
1161 How to fill missing numbers in a column
1162 How to scale axis of chartobject from cells
1163 How to insert hyperlink with link to last sheet in workbook
1164 How to close workbook and shut down PC
1165 How to color all filled cells in a range
1166 How to enlarge cell dropdown
1167 How to import contact data from outlook
1168 How to read, change and write an array
1169 How to color series of a chartobject depend on value
1170 How to add chartobject, add new seriescollection and delete seriescollection
1171 How to use conditional formatting to color duplicates
1172 How to use conditional formatting to color unique numbers
1173 How to export all sheets with numeric name to a new workbook
1174 How to write formula in an array and later back to column in sheet
1175 How to calculate average in an array
1176 How to search number in an array
1177 How to search in an array with help of function
1178 How to use AutoFilter with several columns
1179 How to fill empty cells in a column
1180 How to add / remove a border in a range
1181 How to resize listobject
1182 How to color a commandbutton in a sheet
1183 How to loop through all cells in a range
1184 How to detect differences in two columns
1185 How to freeze all formulas in selected cells
1186 How to list all files in folder and add hyperlinks to them
1187 How to remove blanks out of cells (Soft space, too)
1188 How to find first colored cell in first row
1189 How to get monthname from custom list
1190 How to insert random numbers with an array formula
1191 How to remove all blanks in selected cells
1192 How to format all comments in workbook
1193 How to count all words in selected cells
1194 How to insert and format shape
1195 How to set column width
1196 How to set row height
1197 How to insert column and row
1198 How to find text and insert new row before text
1199 How to find text in column and insert empty row after it
1200 How to delete row or column
1201 How to copy only values from one sheet to another
1202 How to fill array, transpose data and paste to sheet
1203 How to use builtin dialog print with arguments (from - to - copies)
1204 How to get color from built in color palette
1205 How to use builtin save as dialog with arguments (filename & date stamp)
1206 How to write selected slicers to cell
1207 How to read all slicers in workbook and remove selected items
1208 How to transfer special data to another sheet
1209 How to remove duplicates with help of dictionary object
1210 How to count unique numbers in a range
1211 How to color all cells with line breaks
1212 How to insert hyperlink to different worksheets
1213 How to read all csv files in a folder and change columns position
1214 How to search data with several criteria
1215 How to track all changes in a worksheet
1216 How to get unique values to a combobox
1217 How to add new workbook with 7 days (weekdayname)
1218 How to add new workbook with 12 month (monthname)
1219 How to browse through a workbook
1220 How to count visible rows in a sheet
1221 How to create cell dropdown and fill it with an array
1222 How to fill a validation list with an array
1223 How to transfer data with two rows of information
1224 How to create validation list and dropd down it
1225 How to define column width for all sheets in workbook
1226 How to hide/show headings for all sheets in active workbook
1227 How to clean hyperlink screen tips in all sheets
1228 How to fill data downwards with step 5
1229 How to border a range
1230 How to print a module
1231 How to get unique numbers from a range and write them to sheet
1232 How to use autofilter with wildcards
1233 How to monitor a range in a sheet
1234 How to get sheetname and reference of named range
1235 How to get unique values from a column and paste it to other column
1236 How to search for title and sum data
1237 How to track all changes in column A and write date/time in column B
1238 How to repeat an entry on several tables
1239 How to color all cells greater then a given cell
1240 How to color all cells equal a given number
1241 How to name a range and select it
1242 How to protect / unprotect all sheets of workbook
1243 How to use double click event to insert a hook
1244 How to show userform and unload after 2 seconds
1245 How to protect/unprotect all sheets in workbook (charts too)
1246 How to insert footer with last save time in all sheets
1247 How to activate all item in pivot table rowfield
1248 How to activate only a few items in pivot table rowfield
1249 How to extract date from a text
1250 How to insert a border to usedrange of sheet
1251 How to use autofilter Top 10
1252 How to filter highest sales in column
1253 How to use several criteria with autofilter
1254 How to use autofilter with sales from … to
1255 How to hide filters arraw and filter all cities beginning "M*"
1256 How to get all installed fonts
1257 How to read all items of pivot columnfield
1258 How to get first item in columnfield of pivottable
1259 How to get all item of pivot tables rowfield
1260 How to get all items of pivot tables pagefield
1261 How to uncolor empty cells
1262 How to set date stamp after printing for all sheets
1263 How to prevent leaving a workbook
1264 How to set cursor to cell A1 after activating sheet
1265 How to delete all chart objects in worksheet
1266 How to show/hide chart title
1267 How to insert spark lines
1268 How to reduce a range
1269 How to resize a range
1270 How to save copy of actual workbook
1271 How to remove rows based on several criteria
1272 How to find row based on a key
1273 How to convert input to upper case
1274 How to react on enter data in several sheets
1275 How to check date for weekday
1276 How to check whether a date occurs in several columns
1277 How to print sheet for every day of month
1278 How to check existence of a folder
1279 How to remove empty rows
1280 How to remove a character from a cell
1281 How to monitor column A and adjust entered value
1282 How to check value in cell (A1) and change the background color of a shape
1283 How to detect oldest file in folder
1284 How to prevent too many inputs in a given range
1285 How to write report with orders and contacts
1286 How to record all deletions in an area in a comment
1287 How to Check whether all yellow cells have been filled in
1288 How to print all worksheets in reverse order
1289 How to prevent selecting any cell in column A
1290 How to fill listbox with data from a column
1291 How to export all numeric named sheets to new workbook
1292 How to export worksheets to new workbook with an array
1293 How to select all worksheets in active workbook
1294 How to select two of three worksheets
1295 How to get computername using Wscript
1296 How to get username using wscript
1297 How to reset all filter criteria in whole workbook
1298 How to search for formatted text "Total"
1299 How to search for number in range (begin at the end of range)
1300 How to search for number in range (Start at beginning of range)
1301 How to color all cells with formula
1302 How to set width of several columns
1303 How to filter numbers to another sheet without headers
1304 How to use filter in an array
1305 How to use dialog to choose folder
1306 How to set several criteria to autofilter using an array
1307 How to separate text with help of function split
1308 How to get protection status of active workbook
1309 How to open a workbook "read only"
1310 How to name a range and hide/show name in names manager
1311 How to color all filtered cells
1312 How to convert all seleced cells to real date format
1313 How to get data from several worksheets to one sheet
1314 How to hide / show rows and columns
1315 How to replace characters in whole column
1316 How to use redim in an array
1317 How to start an array with index 1
1318 How to open protected workbook
1319 How to start print preview for all selected sheets
1320 How to select / deselect sheets
1321 How to find last row in a special range
1322 How to check a valid E-Mail address
1323 How to get value from the worksheet before
1324 How to read colorindex from conditional formatted cells
1325 How to insert column after every fifth column
1326 How to "mirror" two cells
1327 How to transfer data from one sheet to another sheet
1328 How to color cells with validation rule
1329 How to get all cells with conditional formatting rules
1330 How to get all cells containing comments
1331 How to get all cells containing text and color them
1332 How to get all cells containing numbers (no formulas)
1333 How to color all cells containing formulas
1334 How to sum values by number
1335 How to remove rows with special numbers
1336 How to sum all values of existing groups